About Dedra

DedraI began my Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant journey on Dec 30, 1995. I was already using Mary Kay products and I started this business for one reason only – to buy Mary Kay items at 50% off. I purchased my Starter Kit and initial order using credit, since I didn’t even have the $100 for the Starter Kit!

Before long, I was selling enough products to my fellow teachers to completely pay for my personal products! This meant I did not have to purchase my beauty products with my already stretched teacher’s paycheck. I thought this was a pretty good deal, and continued working my MK business part time for several years.

I taught Special Education for 15 years and worked my MK Business for 8 of those. When I was ready to retire from teaching, I worked to become a Mary Kay Director, left my teaching career, and earned the use of my first career car. I have earned ten cars since 2003. I love working my Mary Kay business around MY schedule of traveling with my husband, and visiting my seven grandchildren. I love my Mary Kay Business and the connections I make with other women!

My MK Business provides a terrific income and the opportunity to help other women achieve real success and financial independence.

I am excited about my personal business growth and our unit growth. I am having fun building our International Area! I love my Mary Kay!

1807 Kira Ct. • Arlington, TX 76006

(682) 429-8539