Top 10 things to do to get organized for 2017


A collection of year end tips from Future Executive Senior Sales Director Connie Guthrie.

10 Count your inventory.

            Tip: Do it as if you were placing an order on line.  Then it will total it out for you and you can print it out for your records.

 9. Clean out your starter kit.

            Tip: Take everything out clean it up, put it all back in and you will want to hold a class.

 8. Clean out your “on the go” inventory.

            Tip:  Make sure you have at least one of everything and several of those things you sell the most.

  7.  Separate your limited and discontinued items out from your inventory.

            Tip:  Use them as hostess gifts, door prizes, in a discount basket, or as a gift with purchase.  These items take up valuable space in your stock.

 6.  Place an order to fill in any gaps in your inventory a.s.a.p.

            Tip: Be sure and check your class supplies and restock them so you will be ready for the New Year.

 5.  Purge your customer file. 

            Tip: Hire someone or you… call each customer to make sure they are happy with their products, fill any needs they have, check for phone numbers and address changes.

 4.  Go over your calendar for January- highlight when you want to hold classes.

            Tip: Decide on a hostess contest for each month of the year so you will have a reason to book.  Example… High hostess gets their order free etc.

 3.  Add up all your receipts for your tax info so you can start fresh for 2017.

            Tip:  To keep up with personal use…type a list of those items you use most and their retail price beside them.  Tape it to the door of your inventory closet with a pen too, and then as you take it off your shelf you can put a hash mark.

  2.  Add up your sales for the year. 

            Tip: If you have been doing your weekly accomplishment sheets you have this number already.  Plan to start 2017 on day one and keep up with it all year.

 1.  Do all of the above after 9pm at night and before 9am in the morning! Do IPA’s during working hours!

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