10 Lessons Learned from Spending the Day with Gloria Mayfield Banks


1. A disability is an obstacle when you choose to focus on its’ limitations rather than focus on your gifts.
2. The people you surround yourself with will determine the size of your influence on others.
3. The journey to success is filled with moments of inconvenience, but don’t let those moments get in the way of the lifelong joy that success can bring.
4. When you continue to explain your decisions to others, you decrease your self-worth.
5. Know when to pivot because a rut can turn into a grave if you stay in it too long.
6. Loved ones may not understand your decision to own a MK business in the beginning but when you start living the dream, they will catch the dream.
7. When you go from interest to commitment, the things you “want to do” will become the things that you “have to do”.
8. There’s nothing more powerful than a made-up mind.
9. When you stop negotiating your excellence, you will become unapologetic about your choice to be great.
10. When the leader creates trust and shares the vision, the people will perform outside of their comfort zone!

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