Golden Rules Challenge


Each month during the 2022–2023 Seminar year that an Independent Beauty Consultant has personal retail sales of $600* or more in wholesale Section 1 products, she can earn a monthly piece from the exclusive Golden Rules Collection.

Each piece in the Golden Rules Collection is inspired by the Golden Rule, the others-first principle that Mary Kay Ash founded her Company on. This year’s collection includes custom accessory items, as well as jewelry items designed by celebrity designer R.J. Graziano. They’re fabulous items that you can’t get in a store – you can only get them by achieving this challenge.



Congratulations to the 600 Consistency Club.  These ladies sold enough to order at least 600 wholesale every month this seminar year since July!  Nicole Depman, Nancy Sirratt, Stacy Redding, Ily Tatum WOOHOO!

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