Our unit Go Give Award goes to our resident GG, Jennifer Cortez, this year!  She has been quite go giving with her time by going to the studio whenever someone has a facial/party.  Jennifer always stays late on Tuesdays to help clean and straighten after Tuesday Night Live.  What a blessing to have such a sweet young lady in our midst!  We love you, Jennifer!ImprovJen

Most Improved in her business is also Jennifer Cortez!  She completed the Consistency Club for the FIRST time ever this year!  We are so very proud of you, Girl!  Keep up the good work.

Rookie Patsye

Rookie of the Year goes to Patsye Kadjo for becoming a RED JACKET in one month from starting her business!  Patsye, you are amazing in all you do for your Mary Kay Business and figuring out how to weave it between your fulltime family and fulltime job you share with your husband.


Our Princess Court included Nicole Depman and Mary Keesee!

Duchess Court

Our Duchess Court includes: Nancy Sirratt, Denise Rodriguez, Stacy Redding and Julie Patel!

Countess Court of Sales

Joyce Mauldin
Jennifer Cortez
Carmen Ferber
Patsye Kadjo
Florence Trinh
Kay Newberry
Sarah Peden

Top Ten in Sales for 2022-23

Nicole Depman
Mary Keesee
Nancy Sirratt
Denise Rodriguez
Stacy Redding
Julie Patel
Joyce Mauldin
Jennifer Cortez
Carmen Ferber
Patsy Kadjo

Top Ten in Sharing for 2022-23

Nicole Depman
Jennifer Cortez
Patsye Kadjo
Stephanie Newcomb
Stephanie Battle

All Stars
ur 2022-23 4 quarter All-Stars were: Nicole Depman, Ily Tatum, Mary Keesee, Nancy Sirratt and Patsye Kadjo!



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