Mary Kay Wisdom September 2022


Define your goals. Where are you now? What do you want to accomplish? If we determine where we are compared to where we want to be, then we can move ahead.
— Mary Kay Ash


Welcome our HOT New Members!


We are SO excited to work with and support our newest DDHU members!  Welcome!! 

Rhonda Jones from Oxford, PA joined Nicole Depman’s Team!
Nicole Bishop from Blue Springs, MO joined Nicole Depman’s Team!
Mary Stone from North Richland Hills, TX joined Sarah Peden’s Team!
Tish Prescott from Rison, AR joined Sarah Peden’s Team!
Janice Stocks from Hiddenite, NC, joined Stephanie Newcomb’s Team!
Sade Taylor from Ft Worth, TX joined Charlotte Holley’s Team!
Sheryl Daughhetee from Garden Plains, KS joined Charlotte Holley’s Team!
Sasha Holder from North Richland Hills, TX joined Katie Pryor’s Team!
Ruth Omweno from Arlington, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Gabby Villa from Grand Prairie, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Stephanie Menges from Longview, TX joined Laura Hacker-Brown’s Team!

Jazzy Allen-Lewis from Des Moines, IA joined Nicole Depman’s Team!
Eunique Watkins from Ft Worth, TX joined Sarah Peden’s Team!
Mackenzie Wintrick from Monroe, LA joined Morgan Ervin!
Emily Newcomb from Ft Worth, TX joined Stephanie Newcomb’s Team!
Dawn Poe from Galax, VA joined Stephanie Newcomb’s Team!

Loary Roberts from Lewiston, ID joined Nicole Depman’s Team!
Denise Hereford-Mays from Cedar Hill, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Cindy Barbarena from Ft Worth, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Savannah Waugaman from Northern Cambria, PA joined Brenda Yoh’s Team!
Tricia Tunnecliffe from Arlington, TX joined Kay Newberry’s Team!

Kisha Anderson from Coatesville, PA joined Nicole Depman’s Team!
Raquel Barron from Ft Worth, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Pilar Marquez from Arlington, TX joined Dedra’s Team!

Mary Kay Ash once said, “The most rewarding aspect of my life is to watch a woman come into our Company like a tight little rosebud and after six months of praise, encouragement and recognition by her recruiter and her Independent Sales Director, she blossoms into a poised, beautiful woman.”


On the Move!


These women are on the move – making their careers happen!

As of Sept 30, 2022

OnTheMove Sept 22

Shout outs

2023 Seminar Year – Top Performers List



1    Nicole Depman

2    Stephanie Newcomb

3    You could be here!

4    Position Open!

5    Just takes one!



1.        Nicole Depman
2.        Nancy Sirratt
3.        Stacy Redding
4.        Christy Gober
5.        Mary Keesee
6.        Carmen Ferber
7.        Jennifer Cortez
8.        Florence Trinh
9.       Linda Shingleton
10.     Loary Roberts





Star Consultants


Congratulations to these DDHU STARS!

Quarter One Star Consultants
Pearl Star Nicole Depman
Sapphire Star Nancy Sirratt
Sapphire Star Stacy Redding
Sapphire Star Mary Keesee
Ruby Star Ily Tatum



Golden Rules Feature

Golden Rules Challenge


Each month during the 2022–2023 Seminar year that an Independent Beauty Consultant has personal retail sales of $600* or more in wholesale Section 1 products, she can earn a monthly piece from the exclusive Golden Rules Collection.

Each piece in the Golden Rules Collection is inspired by the Golden Rule, the others-first principle that Mary Kay Ash founded her Company on. This year’s collection includes custom accessory items, as well as jewelry items designed by celebrity designer R.J. Graziano. They’re fabulous items that you can’t get in a store – you can only get them by achieving this challenge.



Congratulations to the 600 Consistency Club.  These ladies sold enough to order at least 600 wholesale every month this seminar year since July!  Nicole Depman, Nancy Sirratt, Stacy Redding, Ily Tatum WOOHOO!

300 Club

Seminar Year 2023 300 Club


Congratulations to the On-Target Consistency Club Members.  These ladies ordered at least 300 wholesale since July 2022 (or joined and put in a qualified order the same month and continued to order)!!  Woohoo!

Nicole Depman, Nancy Sirratt, Stacy Redding, Ily Tatum, Jennifer Cortez, Mary Keesee

Congratulations to the following for earning the charm of the month in August;

Cindy Barbarena, Stacy Redding, Kayla Haggard, Jamie Lovelette, Mary Keesee, Gabby Villa, Carmen Ferber, Nancy Sirratt, Megan Depman, Linda Shingleton, Dawn Poe, Brenda Yoh, Jennifer Cortez, Nicole Depman

Congratulations to the following for earning the charm of the month in September;

Stacy Redding, Mary Keesee, Carmen Ferber, Nancy Sirratt, Jennifer Cortez, Nicole Depman, Christy Gober, Loary Roberts, Florence Trihn

When you sell enough to purchase at least 300 wholesale in one month, you will receive the charm of the month to bling out your “Ear Candy”  First time winners get the base hoop earring set and will receive the monthly charms in the following months.


Here ‘s the Sept and October charms:

Sept Druzy
Oct Hoops




WIN WIN WIN with Dedra’s Darn Hot Unit!


Girls, we have a Big, big, big sales goal for the 2022 Seminar Year. To Inspire your extra special efforts, we have some exciting prizes you can earn!

For $300 / month wholesale, you get a darling “KuchyKoo” charm of the month to add to your charm bracelet.
For $600 / month wholesale, you’ll receive the Powered by Pink Mary Kay Jewelry of the month.
Then, for you sales superstars (that’s you!!), you can pick up one of these hot prizes from Dedra.

1000ws prizesMay22


Mary Kay Birthdays and Anniversaries


Happy Birthday wishes to our September Birthdays:

Click to see them

Kellie Huffman                  6th
Evy Lawrence                    8th
Angie StCin                         11th
Megan Depman                13th
Katie Pryor                          15th
Kay Newberry                   16th
Jamie Lovelette                17th
Donna Sandegren            28th
Jane Boyd                            30th

Happy MK Anniversary in September to these unit members:

Click to see them

Olga Dip                               18 years
Sylvia Mcfalls                     7 years
Heather Branam               4 years
Sharon Hagerman            2 years
Kelli Bryant                         1 year
Stacy Redding                    1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our October Birthdays:

Click to see them

Cassie Petty                        3rd
Karen Driskill                      8th
Florence Trinh                   8th
Katryna Ferguson             15th
Andrea Teter                     21st
Dedra Schwenkler           25th
Cheryl Boothe                   27th
Anita Rodriguez                28th

Happy MK Anniversary in October to these unit members:

Click to see them

Linda Shingleton               30 years
Cassie Petty                        21 years
Victoria Thalgott               14 years
Diana Moore                      14 years
Connie Brown                    13 years
Lou Ann Morris                 11 years
Kai Smith                               1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our November Birthdays:

Click to see them

Marlys Nelson                   2nd
Alden Snipes                      3rd
Laura Hacker-Brown       5th
Sylvia Mcfalls                     8th
Loary Roberts                    8th
Gayle Lowell (mymom)  10th
Jan Shannon                   11th
Staci Gurkin                     12th
Mary Stone                     12th
Olga Dip                            22nd

Happy MK Anniversary in November to these unit members:

Click to see them

Sherri Turney                     15 years
Sarah Peden                        2 years
Trinity Steward                   1 year
Becca Althouse                   1 year

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