Mary Kay wisdom August 2020


Make every day count, make every hour count, make every minute count.  Don’t stop until you have exercised your full potential realized your impossible dream and fulfilled your total destiny to become the person you are capable of being.  Achieving success is a daily process.


New DDHU Members!



Christian Lulenda from Ft Worth, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Joella Lowell from Euless, TX joined Dedra’s Team!


Rhonda Williams from Miramar, FL joined Katryna Ferguson’s Team!
Tiffany Davis from Miami, FL joined Rhonda Williams’s Team!
Kema Stevens from Pittsburgh, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Nicole Depman, from Coatesville, PA joined Dedra’s Team!


Sharon Hagerman from Amarillo, TX joined Nancy Sirratt’s Team!

Mary Kay Ash once said, “The most rewarding aspect of my life is to watch a woman come into our Company like a tight little rosebud and after six months of praise, encouragement and recognition by her recruiter and her Independent Sales Director, she blossoms into a poised, beautiful woman.”

We are SO excited to work with and support our newest DDHU members!  Welcome!! 


On the Move!


These women are on the move – making their careers happen!

As of July 31st 2020
OnTheMove August 2020

Shout outs

2020 Seminar Year – Top Performers List



Nancy Sirratt
Position Open!
3 Position Open!
4 Position Open!
5 Position Open!



1. Nicole Depman
2. Rhonda Williams

3. Mary Keesee
4. Joyce Mauldin
5. Sharon Hagerman
6. Nancy Sirratt
7. Christy Gober
8. Linda Shingleton
9. Diana Moore
10. Chelsea VanZant


Spark A Chain Reaction Challenge


Spread the Product Love!

The first thing most customers notice about Mary Kay is its high standards of product quality and safety. But that’s just the beginning! As you consistently share products and hit your monthly production goals, you’re also building a loyal customer base – and perhaps meeting future hostesses and team members. Take the time to understand what sets your products apart, and you’re well on your way to a full-circle business.

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Nicole, Ily, and Sharon and Dedra placed 600+ wholesale orders in the month of JULY and received these stunning earrings!

July 2020 Earings










We are on-target for this beautiful consistency necklace!

2020 Consistency Bracelet











August Spark a Chain Reaction Jewelry- place YOUR 600+ wholesale (can be cumulative) order in the month of AUGUST and receive this stunning necklace

August 2020 Jewelry


Star Consultants


Congratulations to these DDHU STARS!

Q4 Star Consultants:
Ily Tatum-Ruby Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Emerald Star
Nicole Depman – Sapphire Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star
Way to go, Ladies!

Q3 Star Consultants:
Ily Tatum-Ruby Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Diamond Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star
Way to go, Ladies!

Q2 Star Consultants:

Mary Keesee-Sapphire Star
Marlys Nelson-Ruby Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Diamond Star
Ily Tatum-Sapphire Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star

Q1 Star Consultants:
Ily Tatum-Sapphire Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Diamond Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star



300 Club

300 Club


2021 Yearlong Consistency Club

Congratulations to the NEW Consistency Club Starters who ordered at least 300 in July;
Nancy Sirratt, Nicole Depman, Joyce Mauldin, Mary Keesee, Sharon Hagerman, Christy Gober.  Way to start your new seminar year out strong!!

2021 NEW Pre Bling Club
When you purchase at least 300 wholesale in one month, you will receive the charm of the month to bling your bag!  First time winners get the bling chain with the monthly charm!

Charm Set

Isn’t it beautiful?  And don’t we live “A Beautiful Life?”

Order at least 300 wholesale in August and add this cute little “Heart for Others” charm:



Mary Kay Birthdays and Anniversaries


Happy Birthday wishes to our July Birthdays:

Click to see them

Evy Lawrence                    8th
Kay Newberry                   16th
Amber Linzmier                23rd
Lori Field                              24th
Jane Boyd                            30th

Happy MK Anniversary in July to these unit members:

Click to see them

Olga Dip                               16 years
Sylvia Mcfalls                     5 years
Kai Smith                             4 years
Heather Branam               2 years

Happy Birthday wishes to our August Birthdays:

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Cassie Petty                        3rd
Karen Driskill                      8th
Laura Raitt                           8th
Florence Trinh                   8th
Tiffany Davis                       12th
Katryna Ferguson             15th
Andrea Teter                     21st
Mary Keesee                     22nd
Lynn Strong                        22nd
Misty Hughes                    23rd
Kathryn Ingerly                 23rd
Dedra Schwenkler           25th
Cheryl Boothe                   27th
Anita Rodriguez                28th

Happy MK Anniversary in August to these unit members:

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Linda Shingleton               28 years
Linda Lowell                       19 years
Cassie Petty                        19 years
Victoria Thalgott               12 years
Diana Moore                      12 years
Connie Brown                    11 years
Lou Ann Morris                 9 years
Misty Hughes                    5 years
Ann Sarara                          1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our September Birthdays:

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Vera Jenkins                       8th
Tricia Tunnecliffe             10th
Sherri Turney                     15th
Connie Brown                    15th
Janie Pearson                    28th

Happy MK Anniversary in September to these unit members:

Click to see them

Becky Lowell                      24 years
Alden Snipes                      7 years
Dorothy Taylor                  7 years
Andrea Teter                     5 years
Jan Shannon                      2 years
Marlys Nelson                   1 years

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