New DDHU Team Members


Mary Kay Ash once said, “The most rewarding aspect of my life is to watch a woman come into our Company like a tight little rosebud and after six months of praise, encouragement and recognition by her recruiter and her Independent Sales Director, she blossoms into a poised, beautiful woman.”

We are SO excited to work with and support our newest DDHU members!  Welcome!!

Amber Linzmier from Denton, TX joined Marlys’ Team!
Angham Abbas from Arlington, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Natasha Kuntzmann from Oregon City, OR joined Marlys’ Team!

Carmen Corral
from Saginaw, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Sara Pedroza from Ft Worth, TX joined Carmen’s Team!
Raquel Corral from Ft Worth, TX joined Carmen’s Team!

Lynn Strong from Portland, OR joined Marlys’ Team!
Kim Chadwick from Sherwood, OR joined Marlys’ Team!
Rebecca Kuntzmann from Tyler, TX joined Marlys’ Team!
Andy Ashford from Bethany, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Laura Jenks from McKinney, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Elle from Arlington, TX joined Dedra’s Team!

Blanca Kelly from Arlington, TX joined Dedra’s Team!
Vera Jenkins from Ft Worth, TX joined Dedra’s Team!


DDHU Number Ones


Number One Sharing for December: Carmen Corral
Carmen Corral






Number One Sales for December: Natasha Kuntzmann
Natasha Kuntzmann






Number One Sharing for January: Marlys Nelson
Marlys Neslon Small





Number One Sales for January: Marlys Nelson
Marlys Neslon Small






Number One Sales for February: Joyce Mauldin






Number One Sales for March: Sherri Turney
Sherri Turney







On the Move!


These women are on the move – making their careers happen!

As of Nov 30th 2019

OnTheMove Dec19
















Team Leaders:

Positions Open!

Senior Consultants:

Carmen Corral

Kay Lehman

Kay Newberry

Audra Sanders

Ily Tatum


Shout outs

2020 Seminar Year – Top Performers List



Marlys Nelson
Carmen Corral
3 Position Open!
4 Position Open!
5 Position Open!



1. Christy Gober
2. Marlys Nelson

3. Joyce Mauldin
4. Mary Keesee
5. Nancy Sirratt
6. Florence Trinh
7. Kay Newberry
8. Sherri Turney
9. Linda Shingleton
10. Alden Snipes


You Can Do It! Challenge


All of Mary Kay is buzzing about the You Can Do It! Challenge, and it’s no wonder why! This year’s bee‑inspired jewelry is taking flight in the hearts and minds of Independent Beauty Consultants everywhere. Each month during the 2019 – 2020 Seminar year that an Independent Beauty Consultant places a cumulative $600* or more wholesale Section 1 order, she can earn a monthly jewelry piece from the super chic You Can Do It! Challenge Collection by R.J. Graziano. And that’s just the beginning!  Setting and achieving a retail selling goal to support a $600* or more monthly wholesale Section 1 order could be just what you need to find consistent success. And every month, you’ll discover a different path to achieve your goals. So get to it, because we know You Can Do It!


March Bee Jewelry Earners
Kay Newberry
Ily Tatum
Traci Miller
Dedra Schwenkler

Consistency Bee Jewelry Earners
Ily Tatum
Traci Miller
Dedra Schwenkler

Aprl 2020 Jewelry


Star Consultants


Congratulations to these DDHU STARS!

Q3 Start Consultants:
Ily Tatum-Ruby Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Diamond Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star
Way to go, Ladies!

Q2 Star Consultants:

Mary Keesee-Sapphire Star
Marlys Nelson-Ruby Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Diamond Star
Ily Tatum-Sapphire Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star

Q1 Star Consultants:
Ily Tatum-Sapphire Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Diamond Star
Traci Miller – Sapphire Star



300 Club

300 Club


We have a brand new add-a-charm Key Ring for this year!  Order at least $300 wholesale each month and complete this cute and funky reward for your consistency!

Keychain Complete

When you order at least 300 wholesale, you will receive the charm for the month!


If it is your first time, you will receive the basic key ring, and the “Six”charm representing Mary Kay’s Six Most Important Things list.



Yearlong Consistency Club

Congratulations to the Yearlong Consistency Club Members.  These ladies have ordered at least 300 wholesale in July, August, September and October!!  Woohoo!
Christy Gober
Joyce Mauldin
Traci Miller
Marlys Nelson
Ily Tatum
Florence Trinh

When you order at least 300 wholesale each month, all year long, July 2018-June 2019, you’ll receive the beautiful Heart Key Ring!

Heart Keychain


Mary Kay Birthdays and Anniversaries


Happy Birthday wishes to our FEBRUARY Birthdays:

Click to see them

Angham Abbas   5th
Kim Chadwick   9th
Gerry Ashcraft   14th
Vyshonne Anerson   15th
Michelle Belote   18th
Joanna Schumacher   23rd
Victoria Schrader   25th
Becky Lowell   27th
Kai Smith   29th

Happy MK Anniversary in FEBRUARY to these unit members:

Click to see them

Jennifer Cortez   8 years
Morgan Ervin   3 years
Joanna Schumacher  2 years
Lynda Johnson   1 year
Sharte Thomas  1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our MARCH Birthdays:

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Joyce Mauldin                     2nd
Ruth Omweno                    3rd
Nouna Schacher               3rd
Yasmeen Williams              8th
Saybian Calloway             12th
Christine Rosalez              12th
Dorothy Taylor                  18th
Nancy Sirratt                      19th
Gina Sisco                            21st
Judy Flesher                       29th
Christy Harris                     30th
Ricque Graham                 30th

Happy MK Anniversary in MARCH to these unit members:

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Michelle Belote                18 years
Kay Newberry                   12 years
Florence Trinh                  12 years
Pam Mayfield                    11 years
Marci Weatherford           5 years
Lea Persia                             4 years
Ruth Omweno                    4 years
Rhonda Johnson                 1 year
Melinda Elms                       1 years
Theresa Clark-Timms        1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our APRIL Birthdays:

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Natasha Kuntzmann   5th
Christina Mitchell   6th
Michelle Wadley   7th
Julie Patel   10th
Andy Ashford   14th
Tandrea Brown   22nd
Sara Pedroza   24th
Eutoya Johnson   25th

Happy MK Anniversary in APRIL to these unit members:

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Gayle Lowell                       16 years
Julie Patel                              7 years
Gina Sisco                              6 years
Gerry Ashcraft                     6 years
Tricia Tunnecliffe               4 years
Niki Hernandez                   1 year
CathelenColeman-Dancer 1 year
Mil’Tonique Williams        1 year
Yasmeen Williams              1 year
Eutoya Johnson                   1 year
Delaine Coleman                1 year
Dell Darden                          1 year
Daniele Wess                       1 year


Mary Kay Wisdom for November


Learn to doodle ‘I can’ while you’re on the phone.  Then underneath, write your objectives. Write them on the bathroom mirror to remind yourself what it is you are tying to do.  Success is never an accident.  It is always deliberate. Whatever your lot in life, build something on it.

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