NEW DDHU Charms for 2023-24!


Feel like a pro you when sell enough to order 300+ wholesale in one month, you’ll earn the charm of the month. First timers win key ring and charm. Be part of the consistency club all year long (ordering 300 w/s each month) and earn an extra gift at the end of 23-24 seminar year!
Fairytale Charms
The adorable charm for August is this tiny cute Pink Popsicle!
Popsicle Charm Aug

Congratulations to the following for earning their charm for July and being on-target for DDHU Consistency Club!
Sarah Peden
Nicole Depman
Patsye Kadjo
Christy Gober
Joyce Mauldin
Gabby Villa
Florence Trinh
Denise Rodriguez
Nancy Sirratt
Jennifer Cortez

Ily Tatum

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