Soar like Never Before Challenge


Mary Kay Ash always had big dreams for you and faith that you could achieve anything. You CAN accomplish wonderful things and take flight on the wings of your accomplishments. Take your successes one product sale at a time. One goal at a time. One month at a time. When you do, you could achieve each monthly sales challenge, the yearlong challenge and even your team-building and leadership goals!
J2009693-C43-Soar-Like-Never-Before-ConsistencyAnd when you achieve this yearlong consistency challenge by completing the Soar Like Never Before Challenge for 12 months, you can earn this custom Mary Kay® watch that features a mother-of-pearl face and the Mary Kay® logo. You’ll also find Mary Kay Ash’s signature etched on the back!

When you sell enough to place your 600 wholesale order in August, you’ll receive this wax stamp kit.
Pass It On!  Your story could inspire others and help you earn this Mary Kay-branded wax stamp kit.

On-target with 600 wholesale in July:  Nicole Depman, Sarah Peden


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