Mary Kay Birthdays and Anniversaries


Happy Birthday wishes to our September Birthdays:

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Kellie Huffman                  6th
Evy Lawrence                    8th
Angie StCin                         11th
Megan Depman                13th
Katie Pryor                          15th
Kay Newberry                   16th
Jamie Lovelette                17th
Donna Sandegren            28th
Jane Boyd                            30th

Happy MK Anniversary in September to these unit members:

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Olga Dip                               18 years
Sylvia Mcfalls                     7 years
Heather Branam               4 years
Sharon Hagerman            2 years
Kelli Bryant                         1 year
Stacy Redding                    1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our October Birthdays:

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Cassie Petty                        3rd
Karen Driskill                      8th
Florence Trinh                   8th
Katryna Ferguson             15th
Andrea Teter                     21st
Dedra Schwenkler           25th
Cheryl Boothe                   27th
Anita Rodriguez                28th

Happy MK Anniversary in October to these unit members:

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Linda Shingleton               30 years
Cassie Petty                        21 years
Victoria Thalgott               14 years
Diana Moore                      14 years
Connie Brown                    13 years
Lou Ann Morris                 11 years
Kai Smith                               1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our November Birthdays:

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Marlys Nelson                   2nd
Alden Snipes                      3rd
Laura Hacker-Brown       5th
Sylvia Mcfalls                     8th
Loary Roberts                    8th
Gayle Lowell (mymom)  10th
Jan Shannon                   11th
Staci Gurkin                     12th
Mary Stone                     12th
Olga Dip                            22nd

Happy MK Anniversary in November to these unit members:

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Sherri Turney                     15 years
Sarah Peden                        2 years
Trinity Steward                   1 year
Becca Althouse                   1 year

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