Mary Kay Birthdays and Anniversaries


Happy Birthday wishes to our January Birthdays:

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Laura Phillips                      4th
Rebecca Althouse            6th
Andrea Hembree             6th
Cheri Berry                         9th
Joella Lowell-Mosley      9th
Debra Steel                        9th
Niki Cannon                        11th
Samuel Tandankwa         15th
Sharon Hagerman            19th
Carmen Ferber                  20th
Kelli Bryant                         26th

Happy MK Anniversary in January to these unit members:

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Christy Gober                    40 years! WOW!
Debbie Harris                     16 years
Nancy Sirratt                       3 years
Kim Chadwick                      2 years
Say Smith                              1 year
Laura Phillips                        1 year

Happy Birthday wishes to our February Birthdays:

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Kim Chadwick                    9th
Gerry Ashcraft                   14th
Joanna Schumacher        23rd
Trinity Stewart                  25th
Victoria Thalgott               25th
Becky Lowell                      27th
Kai Smith                             28th

Happy MK Anniversary in February to these unit members:

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Jennifer Cortez                 10 years
Morgan Ervin                       5 years
Joanna Schumacher          4 years
Niki Hernandez                   1 year

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