Mary Kay Birthdays and Anniversaries


Happy Birthday wishes to our February Birthdays:

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Kim Chadwick                    9th
Gerry Ashcraft                   14th
Brooke Wilcox                   16th
Joanna Schumacher        23rd
Victoria Thalgott               25th
Becky Lowell                      25th

Happy MK Anniversary in February to these unit members:

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Jennifer Cortez                 9 years
Morgan Ervin                     4 years
Joanna Schumacher        3 years

Happy Birthday wishes to our March Birthdays:

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Joyce Mauldin                     2nd
Nouna Schacher                 3rd
Christine Rosalez              12th
Dorothy Taylor                  18th
Nancy Sirratt                      19th
Gina Sisco                            21st
Judy Flesher                       29th
Ricque Graham                 31st

Happy MK Anniversary in March to these unit members:

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Kay Newberry                   13 years
Florence Trinh                   13 years
Pam Mayfield                    12 years
Marci Weatherford           6 years
Lea Persia                              5 years
Sherveria Jenkins               1  year
Blanca Kelly                          1 year

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