February Prize Winners!


At our latest Success Event we crowned our fabulous “Princess” of Weekly sales. Princess Kay was on top for the weekly sales numbers with sales of almost 200 retail for the week! Way to go, Princess Kay! We are so proud of you for having your Mary Kay Store open.

Congratulations to Sam Wiemuth for the most Income Producing Activities (IPA’s). Her activities have been off the charts! She logged over, I SAID OVER 200 IPA’s during Jan-Feb Challenge. Sam is so hot! You can see how hot she is wearing her new gold/silver watch.

New Challenge started Feb 16-March 15. These beautiful Mary Kay sunglasses are the next prize for our most IPA’s. Tracking cards can be found at Thursday Success Events and on our resource page. You will want to bring your IPA tracking cards every Thursday to keep up with who is in the lead.

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