Star Team Members 2018


Star Consultants-we get to choose prizes from Mary Kay! Q2 Sept 16-Nov 15

Q3 Star Consultants:
Gerald Anagbo-Emerald Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Emerald Star
Ily Tatum – Sapphire Star
Christy Gober – Sapphire Star

Q2 Star Consultants:
Morgan Ervin-Sapphire Star
Christy Gober-Sapphire Star
Kai Smith-Sapphire Star
Ily Tatum-Sapphire Star
Tricia Tunnecliffe-Sapphire Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Pearl Star

Q1 Star Consultants:
Ily Tatum-Ruby Star
Morgan Ervin-Sapphire Star
Teresa Gibbs-Sapphire Star
Kay Newberry-Sapphire Star
Audra Sanders-Sapphire Star
Kai Smith-Sapphire Star
Dedra Schwenkler-Ruby Star

Congratulations to those on-target for Four Quarter Star Consistency…Morgan Ervin, Kai Smith, Ily Tatum, Dedra Schwenkler


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